The Tragedy at the Gaza-Israel Border

In education there is a behavior pattern known as “warm fuzzies/cold pricklies”.  When a student is unable to get the teacher’s attention through a positive behavior, the student will get attention through a negative behavior.  The intent is to gain attention in some manner, with the resulting consequences being unimportant since the goal is to gain attention. 

Alas this is the tragic trajectory of the leaders of Hamas who control Gaza.  When Israel pulled out of Gaza, the Gazans were given the opportunity to create a civic infrastructure replete with schools, stores, hospitals and the requisite utilities to operate them. They did not, as it would have required them to accept the existence of the state of Israel, which they could not do.  Instead, they voted to declare Hamas the legal quasi-government, and we know the results.  Cement intended for buildings has been used to build tunnels underneath Israel’s borders.  Funds earmarked for the citizens have been used for missiles that are launched onto Israeli civilians.  As has been succinctly mentioned over time, Israel uses funds to build Iron Dome to use missiles to protect its citizens.  Hamas uses its citizens to protect its missiles.

The tragedy at the Gaza-Israel border pains me.  Families mourn the loss of loved ones spurred on by Hamas, their goal being to break through the border fence and enter Israel.  Does anyone wonder what their intent might be if this is accomplished?  Yet again Israel shoulders the blame for protecting its citizens as its enemies try to break through its borders.  Other than Nikki Haley’s strong words at the U.N. Security Council, the nations of the world blame Israel, and they blame President Trump for moving the American embassy to Jerusalem.  Gazans are victims once again, which was the cynical goal of Hamas all along, as they have been sidelined due to other pressing world matters.  They have achieved their goal.

I do not have a solution, yet I pray for Divine guidance to lead people to peaceful co-existence.  I’m sure that it upsets you as well.  Join me for services this Friday evening at 6:00PM as we listen to each other, a rare commodity these days, sad to say.

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