Stay Tuned. Upgrades are Coming

For those of us coming to the Men’s Club minyon on Sunday mornings (all congregants are always welcome), we have been experiencing a renewed energy and spirit with the presence of our new Rabbi.  Rabbi Myers has graciously led service and deferred to others to do the same, as well. If you join us after services for Sunday breakfast, you can have an informal conversation with the Rabbi and witness first hand his engaging and humorous way of interacting with fellow congregants.  And oy, does the Rabbi tell some funny stories. Please attend if you can.


In a few weeks, the New Light Men’s Club will start their Sunday services in the remodeled Sisterhood Room.   Afterwards, our two Men’s Clubs will then join together and break bread (or bagel) and have breakfast.  You will immediately notice an upgrade to a more hearty style of breakfast as New Light Men’s Club adds cooked eggs and lox to their menu for the very low price of $3.00.  Adding this to the conversation with Rabbi Myers, and the buzz of the New Light members joining us are all positive upgrades to the minyon experience.   We hope you will join us and enjoy the Hamish camaraderie.


Finally, please check out the Sunday, November 12 at 10:00am announcement in the Simcha Tree about our Men’s Club speaker program featuring Dr Bruce Rabin, a.k.a.  “Dr Stress” and co-sponsored with the TOL/OLS Sisterhood.  We hope you will RSVP soon and join us to learn more about this timely topic.  In addition, on that very same day, the New Light Congregation will have a Torah procession starting from their building and ending at ours around noon.  We have worked with New Light Co-President Barbara Caplan to coordinate the timing of  both events to run as smoothly as possible. In fact Barbara has graciously invited our congregation to join theirs for a post procession program and brunch.  All are invited and I encourage our congregants to stick around and welcome our new Conservative brethren. Barbara expressed her deep appreciation and gratitude for our participation.  We hope you will join us giving New Light a heartwarming Brukim Ha-Bo’im and show of support as they make the transition to their new spiritual home. Thank you and Shalom.

David Lilien and Bob Fierstein

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