The High Holidays Are Upon Us

Baruch Hashem

The High Holidays Are Upon Us


 So, why do we say, “Baruch Hashem?” Because thank G-d, once again, we will have an opportunity to cleanse our soul and seek spiritual renewal. To say the least, it has been a very difficult year. A year of turmoil and confusion. In some ways, it’s been a good year, too.  Don’t get us wrong, but it has also brought with it considerable tsuris;  tsuris for our country, the State of Israel, and practically the entire world. We truly want the year to end on a good note and that is why we are preparing ourselves to meet the New Year, Rosh Hashanah, with a spirit of celebration for all the good Hashem has provided.


Despite the many difficulties, we are still deeply grateful to “Yahweh”, for


“You are the Rock of our lives, the Shield of our salvation in every generation. We thank You and praise You for our lives that are in Your hand, for our souls that are in Your charge , for Your miracles that daily attend us, and for Your wonders and gifts that accompany us evening, morning and noon. You are good, Your mercy everlasting; You are compassionate, Your kindness never ending. We have always placed our hope in You. And may every living creature thank You and praise you faithfully.“ (Siddur Sim Shalom)


Yes, we must all take time during our days of celebration and repentance to truly count our blessings and thank G-d for the many good things we have been given. And, we must also take responsibility for the many things that we could have, should have, and would have done differently and better, had we not been spiritually wayward in our thinking, feeling and behavior.

But Alas! “Yahweh” is good and hopefully will hear our admission of sin and our abject commitment to live our Jewish life more fully improved in the year ahead. In that regard, with our new Hazzan, Rabbi Myers, and a renewed sense of spiritual energy, we can only urge you to please join us on Sunday morning for minyan and the Men’s Club Breakfast to re-experience being connected to Torah, your people and your soul, for as it is said,


“instill in us Your goodness…..cleanse our hearts so that we might serve You faithfully, lovingly and willingly…..You are good, Your mercy everlasting; You are compassionate, Your kindness never-ending. We have always placed our hope in You." (Siddur Sim Shalom)


May Hashem bestow upon you and your family all good blessings for a most happy and healthy New Year and the restoration of your spiritual life at Yom Kippur and beyond.


Best wishes.


L’Shanah Tova!


Bob Fierstein and David Lilien

Co-Presidents of the Tree of Life/Or’L’simcha Men’s Club

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