Thank you for Our Tree Community

We enjoyed our last day of TLC on May 21st by learning about Jerusalem Day, enjoying Israel crafts, watching our year end video montage, and sharing delicious Israeli food. In May, I highlighted some special programs during our school year, and additions to our curriculum.  I also had a chance to express gratitude to our dedicated teachers.  


Another component that makes TLC special are our fabulous madrichim (teen helpers). This year we were blessed with eight teens who came to help either on Sunday or Tuesday, some for all of the year, and some joined us mid year to enrich our program.  Zach Spodeck, just completed his freshman year at the University of Pittsburgh, has been a welcome addition at TLC.  He serves as secretary, and electronically records our attendance, makes copies, and helps wherever is needed. A special thank you to Zach for making our video montage. We look forward to your return next year.


A special thank you to our graduating Taylor Allderdice senior, Francine Lilien. Francine began working at TLC as a freshman and really grew with us over four years.  Francine loves the children, setting up crafts, finding things no one else can find, and is also great at organizing our craft closets. Best of luck to Francine at Slippery Rock University in the fall.  Additionally, this year Hannah Shapiro assisted with Hebrew classes on Sundays, and was particularly helpful with the Hebrew games Chug led by Amit Shimshi. Sammy Nayhouse joined us mid year on Tuesdays and we are incredibly thankful to him for being a help with Hebrew.  Sammy often worked one on one for Hebrew enrichment or giving students support reading Hebrew on an individual basis.


Additionally, three 8th grade students came back to TLC this year to work as volunteers.  Channah and Shoshi Weiner on Sundays, and Isabella Mor on Tuesdays.  These three were a huge help and we came to depend on them. Channah reorganized our children’s library, made lists for chugim, set up crafts, and basically did whatever we needed, including taking pictures.  Shoshi was a huge asset to Avi Diamond in the Mini Mensch & Jerusalem classes.  Isabella was a great help on Tuesday afternoons.  She made tissue paper flowers for special dinners, helped with supplies, and helped in the Jerusalem class when needed.


A special thank you as well to Joel Goldstein, Alex Speck, Janet Mernagh, David Kurban, and Augie Siriano for being a pleasure to work with.  Augie and David are instrumental in making sure every school day runs smoothly, from setting up snack, to preparing the classrooms with heaters in the winter, and ensuring we always have what we need.  Additionally, the Men’s Club provides our bagels every Sunday, makes pancakes for pajama day, and serves us a delicious breakfast for the World Wide Wrap.  Sisterhood supports all of our school endeavors, and we love sharing the weekend of Sisterhood Shabbat.  Thank you for embellishing our table centerpieces! We are very fortunate to be part of a community that supports our school, students, and teachers.


A final thank you must go to our President Michael Eisenberg who has wholeheartedly supported TLC.  It is a pleasure when our students are at Shabbat services for Shul’s Cool, Junior Congregation, or Friday night services.  It is important to bring our generations and families together.  Thank you the board of TOLOLS for your ongoing support as well.


I look forward to the summer months to recharge and work on plans for the upcoming school year. We will be introducing more family programs, as our young families are eager to participate with their children in Jewish learning and experiences.  I will be working with our current staff and any new teachers to develop our curriculum for next year. I welcome the opportunity to continue working with our families and students at Tree of Life*Or L’Simcha.  Thank you for your continued support as I enter year five working at the Tree!


Have a wonderful summer and please spread the word about our warm and special school community!


If you would like more information about Torah Lishmah Community, I would love to hear from you. I can be reached at


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