Men's Club

The Tree of Life*Or L’Simcha Men’s Club is much, much more than a social organization. We are committed to working together with the entire congregation and the Rabbi to benefit the community, our synagogue and our own lives. We do that with avodah (service and prayer), kehillah (community participation) and tzedakah (charity). 

Annual membership dues are only $36.

What We Do

  • Sunday minyans followed by breakfast

  • The Build a Pair program - teaches 5th graders about tefillin

  • Provide TLC with bagels for Sunday breakfast program

  • Provide candy bars for Simcha Torah

  • Yom Hashoah candle distribution (with help of 7th graders)

  • Help with synagogue events, like the Congregational Picnic

Men's Club Presidents

Robert Fierstein


David Lilian

Contact Us

To join, fill out all of the contact information below.


(412) 521-6788


5898 Wilkins Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15217

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