Five years ago in 2013, at the end of June I found out there was the principal job position open at
TOLOLS. At that point in my career, having spent 25 years in both Jewish and secular education
at various grade levels, I was ready to take on a larger position. I had dreamed of being an
educator at a religious school, working with teachers, students, families, and other educators in
our community.

My wish came true, as one thing led to another, by mid-August I was hired as the principal of
Torah Lishmah Community. I remember telling someone close to me that I had so many new
people to meet and to get to know, and it was a bit overwhelming at first. Well, all of you made it
so easy. I was welcomed to TOLOLS with warm, encouraging, helpful and open arms. This
came from our families, our teachers, the professional staff at the Tree, and our children at the
school. Luckily, I only had one new teacher to hire as we started a new program called the Mini
Mensches. At our first staff meeting,...

On May 22 we held our annual “Graduation Plus” dinner. We do this at the end of each school year to recognize our graduates, madrichim, CDS Minyan Makers and committed volunteers that make these programs happen.  

This year, like other years, we had some very special and committed seventh grade graduates. As I reflected on the five years I’ve known them, what they’ve accomplished at the Tree and in their communities, I realized their accomplishments are worth sharing.

In 2018 attending a religious school is most often a decision from the family. In years past, when I was growing up, it was basically “a given.” Everyone went to religious school (if not at a Jewish Day school), our buildings were packed and it was just what Jewish kids did. Our youth and families today are living in a different reality. For many of our families it is indeed “a given” that their children will attend a religious school through seventh grade. In 2018 some families choose to send their children and some do not...

As we approach Passover this year, I can’t stop thinking about the 10 plagues. Our students of course learn about the 10 plagues that G-d put upon the Egyptians when Pharaoh refused time and time again to let our people go. Today in the United States we struggle with plagues. I struggle as I think about what our generation has left our youth to solve. We have recently witnessed the strength and determination of high school students from Parkland, Florida and around the country to make a statement and fight for gun laws to save lives. Perhaps at your Passover Seder reflect on our modern day plagues and what we as a society need to “let go of” to redeem ourselves and our communities.

We had a very special school wide Friday night service in March, followed by a delicious potluck dinner. Our students prepared some different Shabbat melodies, as well as, a fun “get ready for” Passover play! We enjoyed drum playing and guitar from Rabbi Myers, dinner, followed by our TLC actors! It certainly...

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