Dear Fellow Congregants:

I write you at a time of tremendous ongoing change for our synagogue.  We have recently witnessed the departures of our esteemed former executive director Mr. Joel Goldstein, our hard working former controller Mrs. Janet Mernagh, and a long term member of our maintenance staff, David Kurban.  A year after our change in Rabbinical leadership and two months after our tremendous long term president Michael Eisenberg stepped back to become our most recent past president, these are losses that can sting.  More important, they can feel unsettling and provoke sadness and reflection.

I have felt this change as acutely as any of you.  This is not the presidency that I signed up for.  I thought Michael had done all the hard work!  What I have learned however, is that with adversity and change come possibility and opportunity. Despite these changes, much has occurred to continue our upward course.  We and Dor Hadash Congregation have agreed to the merger of our He...

Five years ago in 2013, at the end of June I found out there was the principal job position open at
TOLOLS. At that point in my career, having spent 25 years in both Jewish and secular education
at various grade levels, I was ready to take on a larger position. I had dreamed of being an
educator at a religious school, working with teachers, students, families, and other educators in
our community.

My wish came true, as one thing led to another, by mid-August I was hired as the principal of
Torah Lishmah Community. I remember telling someone close to me that I had so many new
people to meet and to get to know, and it was a bit overwhelming at first. Well, all of you made it
so easy. I was welcomed to TOLOLS with warm, encouraging, helpful and open arms. This
came from our families, our teachers, the professional staff at the Tree, and our children at the
school. Luckily, I only had one new teacher to hire as we started a new program called the Mini
Mensches. At our first staff meeting,...

Well over 100 congregants packed the Robinson Pavilion for the Purim celebration on Wednesday evening, February 28. Attendees came from both TOL*OLS and New Light congregation and enjoyed a homemade spaghetti dinner, a lively megillah reading, an entertaining Purim shpiel and hamantaschen to cap off a delightful event.  

Harold and Barb Caplan from New Light prepared all of the food for the dinner, the megillah was chanted by readers from both shuls and the shpiel’s cast starred talent from NL and TOLOLS as well.  Everyone enjoyed this reinvigorated Purim. We have come a long way in a very short time; hard to believe New Light sold their building and moved in with us just three months ago! The Purim celebration is just one example of the many benefits our community is enjoying because of the newly formed “metropolitan” model of congregations in our building

So what’s next?

Programming is now in abundance in the Tree of Life building.  Our newly formed partnership with Chatham University d...

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