Well over 100 congregants packed the Robinson Pavilion for the Purim celebration on Wednesday evening, February 28. Attendees came from both TOL*OLS and New Light congregation and enjoyed a homemade spaghetti dinner, a lively megillah reading, an entertaining Purim shpiel and hamantaschen to cap off a delightful event.  

Harold and Barb Caplan from New Light prepared all of the food for the dinner, the megillah was chanted by readers from both shuls and the shpiel’s cast starred talent from NL and TOLOLS as well.  Everyone enjoyed this reinvigorated Purim. We have come a long way in a very short time; hard to believe New Light sold their building and moved in with us just three months ago! The Purim celebration is just one example of the many benefits our community is enjoying because of the newly formed “metropolitan” model of congregations in our building

So what’s next?

Programming is now in abundance in the Tree of Life building.  Our newly formed partnership with Chatham University d...

February 21, 2018

The Talmud teaches us Mishenichnas Adar Marbim B’simcha: With the arrival of (the month of) Adar, our joy increases.  How interesting that the month in which we celebrate Purim is the only month with this moniker.  What is it about Purim that would be the cause of this statement?  Certainly, the defeat of Haman is cause for celebration, but there have been other defeats in our long history.  We are also taught that it is a mitzvah to imbibe sufficiently to not know the difference between the phrases “bless Mordechai” and “curse Haman”.  This can lead, however, to embarrassing behavior, poor choices, and even dangerous consequences. 

Much of our celebrating is frequently geared towards children, and that is good to the extent that it engages our children in the joyous elements of Jewish life.  By focusing on our children, however, we have sometimes created what I call “pediatric Judaism”.  There is much that is beautiful and glorious that adults can and sh...

Interested in getting to know fellow congregants outside of shul? 

Tree of Life*Or L'Simcha's newest ongoing program, Shared Shabbat, facilitates monthly Shabbat dinners in congregant's homes so we can get to know each other.

As a member of the Rabbi search committee, I attended dinners hosted in the homes of other committee members so we could get to know our Rabbinical candidates better. While I enjoyed talking to the candidates, I loved getting to know fellow congregants in this setting even more! It has made me feel even more connected to Tree of Life*Or L'Simcha since I now know so many more people at services and TOLOLS events. Many wished there were opportunities to get together like this more often and now there are!

Based on the OneTable model, congregants can sign up to host a Shabbat dinner in their home or sign up to attend. Just answer a few questions to sign up to be a host or guest and the Membership Committee will do the matching! 

See the Shared Shabbat page...

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