August 21, 2018

I’ve internally debated whether I should or should not comment on the Pennsylvania State Attorney General’s scathing report on abuse within the Roman Catholic Church.  I prayed that some Divine guidance might offer me the insight and wisdom to choose wisely, and then I finished my davening this morning by reading Psalm 82, the daily Psalm, and the answer was right in front of me:

                “Champion the weak and the orphan; uphold the downtrodden and the destitute. Rescue the weak and the needy; same them from the grip of the wicked.”

This is God’s command to those in positions of authority – their mission – and they failed miserably.  Their failure impacts all religious life in the United States and abroad.  How can someone turn to their God in time of need when the clergy who lead the worship are being questioned?  Their stain is our stain too.  How can our faith not be tested when so much evil has been done in...

July 19, 2018


Current news recycles at a dizzying pace, with the important topic of yesterday buried beneath the freshest catch of the day.  The television talking heads pick over each and every juicy tidbit like vultures over carrion.  Just when you thought they were done, they find more.  Remember the Thai soccer team rescue?  Old news.  The push by the students from Parkland, Florida to enact safer schools? Now that schools are closed for the summer, apparently school safety is not important, as shooters are finding other valuable sites.  It is remarkable that the horror of immigrant children being separated from their parents continues to be newsworthy.

                I recall seeing a post not long ago that rather accurately describes the life cycle of news, and I paraphrase to the best of my recollection: Tragic event – Thoughts and Prayers – Call to Action by our Elected Leaders – Hang Wringing – Next News Event.  Rabban Gaml...

Often it is difficult to process how quickly time passes. It was just a year ago at our congregational meeting where leadership solicited feedback from you regarding your thoughts for our future course as a congregation.

Metropolitan model?  Merger?  JAA?  Dissolution of the congregation?  We had an excellent turnout at that meeting last January 4th and one thing was obvious: you do care about this shul, and you were eager to share your strong opinions. You told us you wanted your community, your memories and your building to remain intact, and that engaging a new rabbi was a must. 

That January evening last year was momentous, exciting and empowering. Leadership went to work and charted a new path towards a fresh and promising future for our storied, 150 plus year old congregation. 

We’ve got much to celebrate as we mark the one-year anniversary of that pivotal meeting.  The most favored strategic plan that night, the “metropolitan” model, is fully underway and I want...

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