We are very excited to once again partner with Community Day School on a wonderful and innovative program called the Tree of Life*Or L’Simcha/CDS Minyan Makers. 

Starting in the coming weeks, we host 8th grade students at our morning minyan.  Their participation, in part, ensures that we will always have a minyan when they are here.  It’s a great feeling to walk into our building on those mornings and to see these kids sitting, standing, and praying in our Pervin Chapel.  Even at 7:30 AM, their energy levels are high and I know that they enjoy being a part of our minyan. 

And I am positive that they enjoy the special breakfast hosted each morning by the Morning Minyannaires!

The best part of the Tree of Life*Or L’Simcha/CDS Minyan Makers program is that it is the essence of an intergenerational program.  Young kids and teens coming together to share the meaning of prayer with other people of all ages.  Thank you to the Morning Minyannaires for welcoming the kids...

As Jews, we are well aware of the role Mitzvot play in our lives (or we should be). Some are simple and some are more complex. Some are modern while others seem slightly outdated. But nonetheless, all 613 Mitzvot are important. Should we perform all of these Mitzvot on a daily, monthly, or even yearly basis? That answer is not so simple. If you can find the time in your busy life to perform 613 acts of kindness, then absolutely do so! But, if that is not feasible, the world certainly understands. What is important, however, is to strive to reach that goal. The journey is often times more meaningful than the destination. So start small--help a friend, help a stranger, give someone a compliment, or simply make yourself available to help others in a time of need. Give of yourself.

A few weeks ago, on Sunday March 11, Tree of Life*Or L’Simcha participated in J Serve, a worldwide day of service for teens and middle-school aged students. I would like to thank the following people for being a...

Purim 2018 was a beautiful collaboration between Tree of Life*Or L’Simcha and New Light Congregation.  It demonstrated what is possible when we work towards common goals together.

From a tasty pasta dinner to a raucous Megillah Reading and hilarious Purim Shpiel, there are many people to thank for the successful evening:

Thank you to Barbara and Harold Caplan for preparing a delicious dinner for well over 100 people.  Thank you both for your immense amount of time and preparation.

Thank you to our Megillat Esther chanters:  Rabbi Perlman, Beth Perlman, Rabbi Myers, Laurie Zittrain Eisenberg, Daniel Weiner, and Marla Perlman.

Thank you to all of our Purim Shpielers:  Mary Dawn Edwards, Michael Eisenberg, Audrey Glickman, Kris Kepler, David Lilien, Rabbi Jeffrey Myers, Ada Perlman, Rabbi Jonathan Perlman, Yael Perlman, Sarah Pfeffer, Austin Shifrin, Ellen Sikov, Paul Sikov, Barry Werber, Props Manager Alex Speck, and Videographer Trevor Glickman.

Thank you to the staff of Tree of Life*Or L'Si...

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